What is the best skateboard brand 2019?

What is the best skateboard brand 2019


Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand (Updated for 2019)
Is Santa Cruz longboard is a good brand (Updated for 2019)

Retrospec is the home of the world’s best bikes, scooters, and skateboards. Within the skateboard category, Retrospec is most famous for its Ten Toes board series.

Thousands of riders have enjoyed riding their high-quality and stylish boards. The most popular Retrospec skateboard we have to mention is the Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard.

It’s one of the highest-rated longboards there is. The look of it is just amazing. This kind of board will surely remind hardcore surfers of the great time they have had when riding the waves at California beaches.

Most Retrospec boards are made from Canadian maple and California bamboo. What we particularly love about this brand is that they are not a profit-driven big corporation. They are a small, but an innovative team that cares about customers and the environment.

The best thing of all is that their skateboards are reasonably priced. You’ll find some models cost around $20, $30, to $50 bucks. These prices, honestly, are super sweet.

That’s why we often recommend Retrospec boards to beginners. This is a very good starting point to see whether you like skateboarding or not. You’ll love it!

Penny Australia

As its name suggests, Penny Australia is a brand that specializes in penny boards. If you’re not very familiar with what a penny board is, it is simply a plastic skateboard.

Compared to other models, penny boards are the shortest ones. They are around 22 to 22.5 inches long. Are they fun to ride, however? Most definitely!

Penny is a pretty young brand. They started out in 2010. However, they’ve continued to grow more and more over the years. They now sell boards to over 95 countries all over the world.

It would not be an overstatement to say that Penny dominates the North American market and every kid in the US is now riding one or two Penny boards.

What’s unique about Penny is that they have super cool characters printed right on the boards. Do you like Star Wars? Or do you like any superheroes characters? Yes, Penny has them all on their boards. We find the Homer Simpson limited edition cute and funny.

These boards are not cheap, folks. The cheapest one in the collection costs around $50. All the other models are from $80 to over $100. With such prices, you’d expect their boards to be super high-quality. In fact, they are.

Penny boards are made from durable plastic with anti-skid waffle top surface. They have ABEC 7 and ABEC 9 bearings. All of the great stuff is there!


Having the wrong foot position when pushing
Having the wrong foot position when pushing

Landyachtz is another great, great brand for the money. Their boards are super high-end. Our favorite is the Landyachtz Dinghy Tugboat.

When you think about longboards, you can definitely think about Landyachtz. Their longboards are the boss!

Most of their longboards have a 2-inch drop deck. This is to ensure you won’t get any wheel bites when racing or turning downhills.

Heavy riders can also get great ride quality from this board. Thanks to the maple material, their deck feels very sturdy and strong. It has great agility as well.

Landyachtz is definitely a great choice for riders who are willing to invest a bit more for their boards. Landyachtz boards cost from $100 and up. Their quality is certainly top-notch.

Sector 9

A shout out to all the 9’ers out there! Sector 9 is an awesome brand managed by an awesome team that knows what they are doing and has an endless passion for boarding.

In fact, their philosophy is “Built for surfers, by surfers”. They have been in business for over 20 years. In the longboard category, they are certainly another leader.

When you ride a Sector 9 longboard, you’ll have this amazing surfy feel that cannot be compared to anything else. It will make you miss those exciting moments when you surf the waves at the beaches in the summer.

Sector 9 boards are well-constructed with cold pressed maple, Gullwing trucks, ABEC-rated bearings, and recycled plastic risers. That’s another nice thing about this brand, you see. Because they sort materials that can be reused and are eco-friendly.

You can get a Sector 9 complete skateboard for around $50. This is a very good price, honestly. The other models are quite expensive, ranging over $100. However, they are super duper well-made.

Definitely, check Sector 9 out if you’re being more or less serious about skateboarding. The good thing about getting a high-end skateboard right from the start is that you don’t have to pay for any upgrades later on.


Having the wrong foot position when pushing
Having the wrong foot position when pushing

Arbor boards are beautiful! We love these so much. They are a company based in Venice Beach, CA. That’s certainly the hub of some of the most fun and innovative skateboard designers and players.

Their boards are made from wood harvested from sustainable sources or recycled as byproducts from other manufacturers. They use the spray-on grip on their boards. This is super nice.

You don’t have to replace the grip tape every now and then. Also, the stray-on grip keeps the board surface in its original look. We love it!

Arbor uses their very own Arbor Bogart wheels on their boards. These are reliable whether you’re doing tricks, racing downhills, or just cruising around.

Most of Arbor boards are a bit pricey. They cost over $100 in general. You’ll find some like the Arbor Sizzler skateboard deck priced at about $60. That’s for the deck only.

What to love about Arbor is they have a clear return & refund policy. If the board doesn’t meet your expectations within 30 days after purchase, you can return it and get your money back. No questions asked.

Also, they don’t put returned boards back for sales or as promotional giveaways. Every board every customer gets is brand new out of the box.


Atom is another amazing brand that you’ve got to check out. They are a beast in the longboard category.

Their boards are built ultra-low to the ground to maximize riding stability. Compared to the high-end models of Sector 9 and Landyachtz that we’ve seen, Atom boards are slightly cheaper.

Some of their longboards are over 40 inches long. They have drop-through deck design that makes carving or making deep, sharp turn smooth and enjoyable.

Atom trucks are 245mm wide! Wow, this is much wider compared to your regular skateboard trucks. Also, they use a reversed kingpin (RKP) construction with the trucks.

You’re pretty much equipped with all the best specs there are for a super fun and fast downhill racing experience.

Atom Longboard is a brand different from Atom Skates, so don’t be mistaken. Overall, this is a great brand that you can trust and spend your money on and be satisfied.


Carrying your skateboard in shopping style
Carrying your skateboard in shopping style

Did we miss any brands that you think are great choices for skateboarders? Please let us know and we’ll surely check them out! Thanks for reading. We hope you’ll find the best brand that will satisfy all of your expectations!