the history of skateboards
the history of skateboards

1. A nostalgic journey back to the past

Greetings skateboarders!

Today, I would like to share an overview of skateboards history for all the hardcore fans out there. It has been a giant step from the big and clunky skateboards changing into today’s lightweight skateboards.

All thanks to the community contribute with its creativity and innovation over the decades. Let’s take a moment and appreciate the skateboarding legacy altogether!

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2. Skateboards in the 1940s – 1950s

Alright! Let’s jump back to the past around the late 1940s and early 1950s.

Though we don’t know who actually started skateboarding, yet it started with a group of surfers. Imagine in California, back in those days, these surfers would like something to do while there is no wave to ride.

Then, they come up with a new concept! How about surfing on the flat street?

From that moment, the first model of the skateboard has been born. The skateboard back then consist of a roller skate attached with a wooden box. As for the term, they used to call “sidewalk skating”.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Skateboard Bearings What Is The Best Way To Clean Skateboard Bearings

After extended uses, dust and dirt would eventually clutch on your skateboard bearings. This is quite disturbing as it makes your wheels become noisy and reduce their responsiveness. Which is why, as a skateboarder, you need to clean your skateboard bearing every once in a while.

Our post will explain everything you need to know about skateboard bearing maintenances, including when and how you should clean yours.

How often should you clean your bearings?

clean your bearings
clean your bearings

The short answer is you should do it as frequently as possible to ensure their durability. I always perform a simple cleaning on my bearings after each of my rides. It’s quite simple, just use a wet cloth to get rid of all the dirt and give the bearing a few sprays of machine oils. After that, they’ll be good to go for the entire time.